Kathy Taslitz

Photos by Akos Major.

“I create artwork to explore human interconnection examining how nature and technology color the experience, determining cultural relevance.” - Kathy Taslitz

I was always creative. Writing poetry, making music, studying photography, and styling and designing commercial sets were some of my early outlets. My mother, a skilled artist at drawing and painting, encouraged me early on, but I never consider myself an artist from a young age. As an adult, I landed on interior design as a vehicle for my creativity. I flourished and my work was featured in nearly every top design and shelter title. Designing furniture for my clients using juxtaposed and unexpected materials, I immersed myself in art and design education, reading, traveling the world, and visiting museums and galleries.

In 2006, I developed a narrative collection of limited edition sculptural furniture in bronze, polished nickel, and glass. For the first time, my work had a point of view and something powerful to say. I loved ideating, creating and fabricating. I also realized that I didn’t want to be limited by scale and the necessary functionality that comes with designing furniture. I began molding sculpture for the pure sake of expression. I gravitated towards monumental sculptural works while also making smaller-scale pieces in metal. I later implemented other materials such as fiberglass, silicone, light, sound, 3D printing, and other mixed-media print work.

I have since been awarded both private and public monumental sculpture commissions and continue to grow as an artist and (most importantly) as a person. What I learn and continue to question about my life and the world at large, is present in my work. Humanity’s collective experiences such as vulnerability versus protection and connection versus disconnection are depicted through natural, organically sensuous, feminine and ethereal forms. I explore how the use of technology can enhance or deplete these emotional experiences and how it manipulates the cultural psyche. Life can be raw, and that’s where my art comes from. As an artist realized, I have a whole lot in me left to explore, learn, create and say.

Articles about the artist have appeared in Architectural Digest, the Los Angeles Times, Vogue Living, the Robb Report, Huffington Post, Interior Design Magazine and Luxe Home. Taslitz’s work has been shown at the Wright, Chicago, Illinois; Art Basel Miami Beach with Richard Gray Gallery; Gerald Peters Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico; Art Crush/Aspen Art Museum, Aspen, Colorado; Gallery Maximillan, Aspen, Colorado.